Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Book A Day Challenge...Day 5

What If You Had Animal Hair!? (by Sandra Markle)
What If You Had Animal Hair?

Today's book was a favorite at my school's Book Fair, and why not?  Kids love learning about animals, and imagining themselves with animal hair is a pretty interesting spin!!  In What If You Had Animal Hair an illustration of the animal and characteristics of that animal's hair are given on one page...on the opposite page there is an illustration of  a child with that animal's hair.  Did you know that the artic fox's hair changes colors with the seasons?  Imagine that...You'd never get tired of your hair color! For more interesting facts take a look at What If You Had Animal Hair.

After reading the book students could choose an animal from the book and create a picture of themselves with "animal hair" the activity would continue with a written description of the characteristics of the animal's hair. 

The activity could be taken one step further by allowing students to research other details about the animal: habitat, diet...

Students could create a class book or hall display taking a look at habitats..."What if I lived in an animals home?"

There are many options for research and learning with this book.

I love that What If You Had Animal Hair could be used to tie reading and science together!!

Another book by this author is What If You Had Animal Teeth
What If You Had Animal Teeth?

For more info on the #bookaday challenge....Teachers for Teachers

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