Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Book A Day Challenge...Day 2

This is my post for Day 2 of the #bookaday challenge. Check out the details...Teachers for Teachers

No one really ever outgrows a good picture book. I have 3 children the oldest is a senior in high school and the younger 2 are in first and second grade...but when it's time to read a bed time story all 3 show up.  I've heard countless adults talk of their secret love for "Reading Rainbow".  Picture books have the ability to reach a wide audience at different levels, what a 3 year old takes from a story may be far different than the deeper meaning a young adolescent or even an adult could take away. 

The Snatchabook (by Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty)
I am in storybook love!!!  This is the sweetest rhyming book ever, with so many learning and teaching opportunities.  All of the storybooks in Burrow Down are disappearing, but why?  Books don't just disappear, or do they?  Could it be a thief? One little Bunny sets out to solve this mystery!
Who could be taking the stories...a little "snachabook"...all because he can not read and has no one to read to him. (I'm sorry if I've given away to much of the story but for the sake of understanding the following ideas you needed to know some details.)

Book Buddies
This would be a wonderful way to introduce the idea of Book Buddies, Reading 3rd graders will be reading to first graders 2-4 times each month.  I plan to kick off our program with this book. We will discuss how much we all love to read story books and how important it is to share the love of reading with others!  What a great way to talk about spreading kindness!!

Making Predictions
The title of this story is fun and sparks your interest, what can we learn about the book from the title, what will the story be about? What is the meaning of the word snatch...? Students could discuss, draw,  and /or write about their predictions.

Design your own "snatchabook"
Students would create a "snatchabook" maybe even name it and make clothes for it....but most of all make a book for your "snatchabook" to hold.  Making the book could be as simple as decorating a little book cover with the title of the student's favorite book, or students could create original stories to be displayed with their "snatchabook".

PJ's and Stories
A fun conclusion to a study on this book would be PJ day and bring your favorite book to school day. Students could camp out under desks and tables wearing their PJ's and sharing their favorite books with friends!!

There are so many ways this book could be used!!  If you get the chance read the book and share your ideas!


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