Monday, July 21, 2014

Book A Day Challenge...Book #9

Book of The Day...
Fandango Stew, this book is an "Old West" spin on Stone Soup...and I am so excited to use it in class. Stone Soup is one of our stories in Treasures...last year we read different versions of the Stone Soup and compared and contrasted, wrote "the rest of the story"...but Fandango Stew has the potential to lead us to even more!! Our story in treasures is set in China, Fandango Stew in the Old West...this will give us a wonderful opportunity to tie in social studies. I'm also exited about the opportunity to tie math and story problems into the making of our very own stew.
This is going to be a great read aloud...can't wait to pull out my "cowboy" voice for this fun story!!

Happy Reading...Jennifer

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