Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Book A Day Challenge...Day 4

Today I am sharing a book that my 16 year old daughter recommended.  This is a picture book that one of her high school teachers shared with her class. 

There by Marie-Louise Fitzpatric
This book has the ability to speak to all ages. A small child is starting on a journey but wonders how long it will take to get there?...where is she going?...what will she see?...will the journey change her?

We are all on a journey and this book opens the door for talking about the choices we make, the goals we set, the paths we choose to follow. One of my favorite pages says:
Will there be dragons?
Will they be really fierce?
Do you know how to tame dragons?
I do.
You look them right in the eye and count to ten,
then they just fly away.
How many times do we set off on a journey and face "dragons"...fear is real for all of us, talking to students about this could be very empowering for them.

In the final pages of the book she decides
"I won't go today"
"I've got lots to do."
"I'll go there tomorrow"
This can open up a great discussion...sometimes we have goals that we are excited to meet, but we have to first take care of today and the task at hand before we can move forward. Getting THERE is a process!!

First Day of School Reading
No matter the grade this would be an interesting book to start the year off with.  For the younger set the discussion could be more short term:
What are our goals this school year?
How will we change this year?
Older students can discuss those topics as well, but can be lead to think farther into the future
How will our choices today effect us in the future?
Will we be afraid?
How will we handle fear?
The list could go on and on!!

Setting Goals and writing about them:
Individuals or the class (depending on the age) can set a goal and using a web or other organizational method can come up with ways to meet that goal.  They might then take it a step further and write about their goal and how they plan to meet it.

Class Book:
Students can predict what they will look like in the future, and what they will have learned (whether it be at the end of the school year, end of high school, or as an adult) and create a picture and write about their future selves. Pages could be compiled into a class book, it would be fun to look back at the book as the year progresses and see what goals have been met or even exceeded!

This book has the potential of taking a class on a wonderful journey of self discovery!! There are so many philosophical questions that can be asked, and so many symbolisms to be found in this book...

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