Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ten Frames for PowerPoint or OneNote

A Ten Frame can be a great tool when helping students to understand number.  The Ten Frames shared here are by no means a complete set, but they can get you started (I have included a slide in which you can easily add an equation of your choice by typing or with digital ink).

These slides can be used in PPT or OneNote for whole or small group instruction, by sharing on a white board, or added to class notebook for independent work. 

In this example a slide has been added to OneNote and circles were used as counters.

In this example the "blank slide" was added to OneNote and duplicated so that a fact family could be discussed. Inking was used to add the equations and fill the ten frames. (don't forget you can lock the slides to the background in OneNote so that they don't move around.)

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