Tuesday, July 10, 2018

"Prepare Your Sentence" Writing Prompt for OneNote

"Prepare Your Sentence" writing prompts can be used in
Power Point or the slides can be added to OneNote!

I teach kindergarten so these slides will be added to our Daily Practice OneNote Notebook. We use this notebook for whole group and small group instruction/collaboration...students dictate sentence ideas and I model the writing, when students are ready we will transition to independent writing. By adding these or other prompts to OneNote Class Notebook a writing journal could be created for each student!

Not sure how to add documents to OneNote? 
Adding Power Point presentations, photos, or other documents to OneNote is easy! 

Print To One Note: Open the document you would like to add. Click on File, select print, and where the printer is specified choose OneNote. Just like that your document is printed to OneNote.

Insert File Printout: Open OneNote and locate the section and page where you would like the document to be added. Click on the insert tab (one of the tabs in the top ribbon), choose File Printout. You will then be prompted to choose the file you would like to add.

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