Monday, July 9, 2018

Base Ten Practice for OneNote #ElemMIE

I LOVE Microsoft!
For real guys...OneNote, Sway...Microsoft is where it's at...BUT I teach Kindergarten and I've not found much being shared about using Microsoft in the early grades. So last year I purchased the book Google Apps For Littles, by Christine Pinto & Alice Keeler, and I started following #GAFE4Littles on Twitter. I've learned a lot from the book and the Twitter community!

Next step...take what I've learned and start creating and sharing ideas for using Microsoft O365 in early childhood/elementary classrooms.  My hope is that by sharing my ideas others will share theirs and we can create our own #ElemMIE community on Twitter.  There is nothing quite like the support of a strong PLN!

What I'm sharing today is simple and could be used for grades K-2 (maybe older). The Slides can be used directly from Power Point, however my plan is to print the slides to OneNote (add base 10 block clip art) and use as part of our daily math lessons/small groups. This will give students the opportunity to use OneNote and experience the technology while learning a vital math skill.
(Additionally parents can access OneNote for at home practice.) 

Base Ten Practice
(Download a copy, save as, and you should be able to edit as needed.)

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