Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Season for Scarecrows!

These are some of the activities we did this week as part of our Scarecrow Unit (Many of the ideas were found on Pinterest and links have been provided.). In our Wonders Reading Curriculum this week's focus was on movement, which went perfectly with scarecrows! Our theme/unit of study is incorporated across curriculum as much as possible.

The Following is a list of some of the ways that this unit could be integrated across curriculum:
Reading/ELA: Genre (fantacy), Character, Setting, Nouns, and Verbs
Math: Shapes, Graphing, addition, Subtraction
Science: Farm Animals, Autumn
Social Studies: Life on the Farm
Technology: Shadow puppet Student Story Retelling
There are many more ways to ingrate this theme to fit your students, standards, and academic creative and make it fit your needs!

Books and Activities---

Barn Dance

Introduce the concept of Nouns and Verbs. Have children identify the characters (nouns) and their actions (verbs).

Story Retelling Using Shadow Puppet:

Design a Hat
STEAM doesn't have to be difficult, designing this hat incorporates, engineering, art, and math (nonstandard measurement).
For this activity students were given the template of a hat to trace, they were then directed to decorate it any way they would like. It was fun to see how each student chose to design their hat!

(This activity could also incorporate addition or subtraction..."The Scarecrows hat had 6 patches but the crow pecked 3 patches off. How many patches are left?")

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything
(link to song version)

Story retelling using Shadow Puppet:

Other Activities:
Scarecrow Sensory Bin (kids can build the scarecrow)(Opportunity to incorporate STEAM Art/Math)
Shape Scarecrow and Craft (and other activities) (Opportunity to incorporate STEAM Art/Math)

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