Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dot Day

On September 15 my first graders and I celebrated “Dot Day”,  a day inspired by the book The Dot.  The Dot is a story about believing in yourself, having the courage to create, and inspiring others to discover their own creativity.  While the official “Dot Day” has come and gone there has never been a wrong time to celebrate the courage to create!

I planned to keep our celebration to one day, but we wound up celebrating for two. Next year I’ll probably take a full week to celebrate “Dot Day” incorporating other books and activities that inspire a growth-mindset.  Here I am sharing some of the activities that we completed along with links to other ideas and resources.

Coffee Filter Dots

Symmetry Art With Coffee Filters                                                        

Science for Kids: Chromatography                                                         

Coffee Filter Art the Tie Dye Effect

These are our finished Dots…

Design A Dot

3D Dot Designs
My firsties were hesitant about getting started on this activity, but once they got going they loved it!  Next time I may incorporate measurement into the activity, asking students to measure the strips used on the art pieces.

Dot Day Sentence Starter
You see a dot, but I see a ___________________.

Every Celebration needs a why not wind things up by decorating and eating sugar cookies!

Pinterest-Dot Day

Please share your “Dot Day” ideas!!

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