Tuesday, June 27, 2017

#notatISTE…But It’s Not So Bad

I was a little bummed thinking of all the techie goodness that would be at ISTE…while I sit at home! But then I found the #notatISTE community, and I was immediately challenged to do new things and grow my PLN.  I could have been packing my bags, printing by boarding pass, and finalizing travel arrangements; but instead I was getting my feet wet in the Google Community, learning to use Google Draw to make my badge, add ribbons, create my own ribbons, and use Voxer for the first time.

Thanks to an awesome team who organized the #notatISTE17Google Community and compiled the #notatISTE17 Live Binder I’ve been able to connect with what’s going on at ISTE.  Highlights for me so far have been the Badge Summit, “Give Every Pre-KStudents an iPad?” (shared presentation), and “Using Your iPad as a CreationDevice” (shared presentation).

One advantage of  not being at ISTE, I can multi task! I’ve cleaned the garage, worked in the flower bed, caught up on laundry, done some reading, and listened to books on Audible…my kiddos are at camp so I’ve been extra productive around the house and had added time for reading! Sure it would it be great to be at ISTE, but #notatISTE has it’s perks!!

#ISTE17 and #notatISTE reaffirms the fact that technology is a tool that can connects learners, and give all students the opportunity to participate and collaborate regardless of their location.

If you haven't joined the #notatISTE17 Google Community, or been following #ISTE17, #notatISTE#notatISTE17 Twitter feeds it's not too late. Join the conversation connect with like minded educators and grow your PLN.

Thank you, Peggy George, Barb Cotter, Jennifer Wagner, Vicky Sedgwick (and anyone else that I missed) for making the #notasISTE Community and resources available!

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