Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Importance of Creativity in Education

The #OklaEd chat topic for August 7 will be creativity, it’s importance to learning, how it relates to critical thinking, & how we can encourage creativity in the classrooms.  

Q1. What grade do you teach?
Do students come to  you prepared to think creatively?
Why do you think this is so? (8:05 PM)

Q2.How is student creativity
important to education? (8:12 PM)

Q3. Can creativity be learned/taught?
Explain. (8:18 PM)

Q4. How is creative thinking different
than critical thinking? (8:24 PM)

Q5. What role if any does creativity
play in critical thinking? (8:30 PM)

Q6. How can educators be intentional
about including creative thinking in the
classroom? (8:36 PM)

Q7. How can we implement Standards
with fidelity, while also encouraging creativity? (8:42 PM)

Q8. How can integrating different subjects
enhance the creative opportunities for students? (8:48 PM)

Q9. Are good grades enough, or will
our students need to be creative innovators
to be successful in the “real world”? (8:54 PM)

Food for thought....

(There are many great books, and articles on this topic.  If you have a favorite please share in the comments bellow!!)

The educators that I've met on Twitter are among the most innovative, and creative, educators that I've ever had the privilege of collaborating with and learning from. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and learn from you!!! #OklaEd

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