Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Research Around the Room (Using Resource/Reference Materials)

There is nothing quite so meaningful as hands on learning experience, and there are few things more valuable than learning to cooperate and learn as a group.  I offer hands on and group learning on a daily basis, but Friday is usually set aside as a day of  Rotations /Centers a full day of hands on interactive learning.

Who would have imagined that students would be so excited to learn about and practice using resource/reference materials? 

The following rotations were provided, and students recorded information from each rotation in their center journal. My instructions weren't anything too fancy.  I simply wrote tasks out and taped them to tables around the room.  Students enjoyed getting up and moving around at their own pace.

Dictionary (Guide Word Practice)


Table of Contents

(I must not have photoed of this one, but students were asked to identify where certain Chapters would be found and what chapters were about)


Students were also instructed to choose one topic and write a fact about it.


Students were given 2 topics and were instructed to find each in the encyclopedia and write 2 facts about each topic.


This was a student Atlas and included more information than some more traditional Atlases.  Students were instructed to find information about specific states. 



(Students use a teacher made search engine.  Follow this link to learn how...How to Create A Custom Google Search Engine

I love hands on experience and am always excited to hear how other teachers keep their students actively engaged in learning! How do keep students actively engaged with hands on learning?

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